Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This life punctuated with loneliness...

I thought if I married
the loneliness punctuating my life
would evaporate,
would burn off like darkness in the morning.

I thought I would breathe
clear and still
and I would forget what it felt like--
not to be loved.

Now nights find me waking,
to the slow even rhythm of your breathing,
the heavy weight of your chest rising,
the soundless exhale of its resolution.

I don't know where you dream.

The familiarity of you wakes me in the mornings--
the gait of your footfall,
the scratch of your razor,
the tune hummed while dressing,
your humming toothbrush--

And I wonder about being loved;
what is feels like not to be loved,
and while I'm thinking,
while my eyes are still closed,

you leave without saying goodbye.

1 comment:

  1. This inspires my want, my need to write something. Anything. Good job, friend. Very good job. "the loneliness punctuating my life / would evaporate"=my favorite bit.